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Cake cake cake cake

Cake cake cake cake

How To End Arguments

Ok, so I decided I wanted to make a blog entry about this because I think it’s interesting and could be to you as well. HERE WE GO!

I want you to think about the most recent argument you had with someone. Was it about something that doesn’t actually really matter? Probably.

I like to believe that 95% (I don’t know why I chose that number) of arguments are unnecessary. ALMOST ALL ARGUMENTS ARE STUPID. If you are anything like me, you don’t enjoy arguing with people. So why not think about it a little and avoid them, right?

So here are ways to end these arguments before or during your fight!

I am going to say that this is only for open minded people that can let loose, be flexible, see different perspectives, and have a little fun. Having an opinion isn’t bad, but being stubborn has never helped an argument end.

Here’s a little tangent before I start. (Skip this part if you don’t wanna listen to a story)

I, currently, have a roommate who is stubborn and tends to get pissed off a lot, very easily. This boy cannot open up or see any other opinions so it is almost impossible to end an argument with him. IF YOU START WITH HIM then YOU ARE DONE WITH HIM, which isn’t a big deal so whateva! Anyways a few weeks ago when I went back to school from break, I was the first to return so I decided to watch TV. A few hours later, my unnamed roommate comes storming in with his stuff and straight to his room. On his rage-filled adventure to his box of solitude, I said “hey what’s up man?” and he ignores me. So I thought “Oh, well maybe the drive back to school was irritating”, when later I realized that he was mad at me! We hadn’t seen or communicated with each other for over a week! What could he have been mad about? (It’s been about 2 months and I still don’t know why) The problem is he won’t even talk about it so I can’t even try to resolve a problem when I don’t know what the problem is. The worse part is he keeps getting more mad about it. Every few days he would put something away into his room and this changes how I live because we shared everything in the apartment. He decided to take the water kettle, the xbox controllers, the toilet paper, and other stuff that I can’t remember. And this is for something I DON’T KNOW ABOUT! and i just lost my train of thought. So……. if you unfortunately have to deal with someone like this then i’m sorry for you. I think that’s what I was trying to say.

Ok! Now ways to end an argument! 

So before you start an argument think about what the argument is about. If it is about something dumb (which most likely, it is), do one or more of these things!

1. Get Naked - no one argues naked. it just gets weird and it’ll be too funny or awkward to fight

2. Sprint Out of The Room - if the argument is in it’s beginnings, DASH OUT! You can’t fight with someone that’s not there.

3. Get A Camera, Quick! - If the camera starts recording, they may stop yelling. If they get more angry, you can show them later how dumb the fight was and laugh about it.

If you are in the midst of a dispute with someone, there are still ways to stop it. 

1. Make Mistakes  - trip on a chair, bump into a table, yell something that obviously helps the other person’s argument. After a number of mistakes, they will laugh.

2. “I Need To Urinate” - utter these four words and then go to bathroom. Then come back and see if the argument continues (it might)

3. Get Naked - getting naked works for everything. just don’t do it in public, you might get arrested.

So those are my ways of ending arguments!

Don’t do these things if it is about something important. Or maybe do do it and just avoid any argument!

This entry turned out way differently than I was expecting.

Candycane Lane! 🎅🎄

Candycane Lane! 🎅🎄

Comida de Mexico

Comida de Mexico

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